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  • The opportunity to upgrade your skills in visual merchandising. Learn how to develop, deliver and communicate visual concepts and strategies to promote retail brands, products and services in-store, in catalogues or online, in an educational environment where you will be taught the most-used techniques from established visual merchandisers.
  • A highly practical workshop covering just one day in which distinguished visual merchandisers share their knowledge, secrets and insights from years of experience in the industry.
  • An inspiring and unique experience, immersing you in the world of retail fashion, in which the speakers contribute and interact with the participants, creating a professional synergy with each individual and their particular skills.
  • An exceptional opportunity to access the expertise of current professionals, and insights not taught at fashion schools. Think of it as a fast-track apprenticeship! You will struggle to find a better offer elsewhere.


  • To those who have artistic aims and want to know more about the fashion retail and visual merchandising industry, whether or not they have experience in this sector.
  • Young people passionate about the fashion industry and eager to take a step into this amazing profession, looking for contacts and mentors who are able to give them advice and the final critical push.
  • Fashion lovers who would love to go behind the scenes to get a better understanding of how the world of visual merchandising works. Learning tricks of the trade will give them a broader perspective and enhance their knowledge and experience.
  • Professionals in the fashion and retail industries who want to diversify or spread their wings creatively or simply to see their role from a different angle.

*This course is aimed at an adult audience. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. All participants will receive a pack with visual merchandising-related suggestions, tips, resources and other helpful information.


… upgrade your skills as a visual merchandiser, window designer, create WOW windows, or improve your marketability in fashion retail?

In VISUAL MERCHANDISING London you will find industry experts presenting in a compact format, sharing lots of useful, practical information, and delivering it to you in an easy, accessible way. All in one day! You will have fun as you learn!


Our aim is for the content to be structured in the most entertaining and effective way, so we divide it into five blocks, building on each topic. The first stage is an overview of the industry. This is followed by developing the concept, identifying the design parameters, executing the big idea, and finally showing how to promote yourself and progress in the professional retail market. Each stage is tailored to the individual’s needs and incorporates the different tools available for your project or budget.


Saturday 27th May 2017



VISUAL MERCHANDISING London presentation

So you want to rock as a visual merchandiser?

Working in the fashion retail industry now

To start the day, renowned industry specialist, Dr Valerie Wilson Trower, will give you an overview of the current visual merchandising landscape, setting out key areas of knowledge, which will be the foundation for subsequent sessions during the day.


  1. Visual merchandising industry in numbers
  2. Store typology: physical/online, multiple chain store versus small retail outlets
  3. High street / luxury brands / stock density
  4. Range classifications and planning (casual and formal wear, diffusion and accessories) / pricing / demand
  5. Merchandising roles and responsibilities (VM windows, shop floor, stylist)
  6. Store design / window design and types of windows
  7. Visual formats
  8. Visual merchandising jargon – VM visual, WSSIs, KPIs, OTB
  9. From the brief to the executed window, process
  10. Planning, window calendar
  11. Holiday, seasonal, Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 retail excitement
  12. Researching, understanding formats
  13. Carrying out ‘comp shops’
  14. Measuring window success. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)(Key Performance Indicators)
  15. Meeting with business, sales managers and retail managers to discuss sales strategies. Establishing the brief
  16. Q&As
Dr Valerie  Wilson Trower

Dr Valerie Wilson Trower

VM specialist

With a wealth of visual merchandising and retail experience, Dr Wilson Trower brings over 20 years of expert knowledge to Visual Merchandising London. Dr Wilson Trower, a former journalist and Trend Director for Stylesight, lived and worked in Asia for 15 years lecturing on fashion, visual merchandising and marketing and has published over 300 articles on the subject as well as curating at conferences and student competitions.

The big idea, concepting

Is designing a window complicated?

No, it is not! Experienced Designer Lauragh Flood will show you how to design a window or in-store display, giving you lots of advice and suggestions based on their own experience – including tips on how to save money without compromising quality, and easy ways to produce your professional looking and impactful window on time within your budget.


  1. Understanding the client & the brand
  2. Understanding the project brief & key storytelling objectives of the window
  3. Research, tracking trends, material innovation, art & culture, interiors & design – moodboarding
  4. Brainstorming, formulating the big idea
  5. Concept development, defining content & visual themes
  6. Design principles for windows – repetition, colour, hero-ing product
  7. Presentation and response to brief
  8. Balancing budgets, sourcing materials and negotiating with suppliers
  9. Resources
  10. Q&As
Lauragh Flood

Lauragh Flood

Designer at Studio XAG

Previously of Adidas, Selfridges and Liberty, Lauragh is currently a Designer at Studio XAG in London. A graduate of the Nottingham Trent University where she achieved a First Class Honours degree in Interior Architecture & Design, Lauragh joined Studio XAG in 2014 where she helps to achieve the studio’s vision of designing and making some of the most exciting window displays in the world.”

Creating your window design

12:30 -13:30

Understanding the space and tools for creating the look

Once you have the idea, it is of vital importance to create a professional-looking finished product that is appropriately branded. Creative Director Holly Wadsworth will show you how to apply design principles to the store space to achieve your ideal aesthetic and deliver it effectively in your window using the right tools.


  1. Store design
  2. Space planning, walkways, planograms, concessions
  3. Customer journey, navigation, planning layouts, circulation space
  4. Windows versus in-store visual merchandising
  5. Get to know your fashion window format
  6. Consider existing features, such as floors, ceilings, backdrops, access
  7. Design principles for window display, composition, lighting, texture, colour
  8. Creative influences, fashion, fine art, interiors, textiles, surface 2D and 3D
  9. Customer window engagement
  10. Computer-aided design (CAD) packages, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Mockshop, Adobe Creative Suite
  11. Enhancing brand identity, use of signage and graphics
  12. Resources
  13. Q&As
Holly Wadsworth

Holly Wadsworth

Creative Director at HWVisual

A graduate of the famous Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and former designer at Louis Vuitton, Holly is a visual merchandising lecturer and winner of the VMSD Magazine Designer Dozen award. Holly is currently Creative Director at HWVisual working with clients who include Cartier, Mulberry and Montblanc. HWVisual. Holly is also an associate lecturer on the ‘BA Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding’ course at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. Holly is an expert in understanding a brand’s DNA in order to deliver creative, eye-catching and pragmatic visual solutions and she brings this expertise to Visual Merchandising London in order to share her insights and experience.

Holly says, “The windows are the invitation, the store is the party”.

13:30 -14:30

Traditional Lunch

Special Dietary Requirements
If you have any specific needs and dietary requirements such as vegetarian,
vegan, gluten free or halal- please let us know.

Installing your big idea
14:30 -16:00

Do you want to dress a mannequin?

Everyone loves looking at a well-finished window but nobody has the time to learn how to create one. Sought-after visual merchandiser Nick Sizemorewill will share his commercial experience behind the scenes and review the basic principles regarding dealing with all aspects of assembly, including mannequins and technical information so that you get exactly what you want for your window.


  1. Retail windows
  2. Mannequins 360: types, selecting, purchasing, sculpting, dressing, grouping, maintenance
  3. Assembling or dismantling visual displays in windows or in-store
  4. Window standards and maintenance
  5. Merchandising on the shop floor
  6. VM tool kit
  7. Health and safety
  8. Resources
  9. Q&As
Nick  Sizemore

Nick Sizemore

nternational Head of Visual Merchandising and Windows at Lacoste

A graduate of Miami University, Nick is Director of Visual Merchandising at Lacoste where he manages the design, development, execution, styling and communication of the retail store window programs for 69 boutiques and the Flagship location on 5th Avenue. An avid fashion and retail enthusiast, Nick strives to create and present new merchandising standards and design concepts, a passion which he shares at the Visual Merchandising London event.

Introducing yourself to the industry: self-promotion
16:00 -17:00

Do you want to become a successful visual merchandiser?

Testimonials from senior visual merchandiser Alice Sheriff will help enable you to work as a visual merchandiser, window designer, shop-floor merchandiser or art director and to promote yourself professionally.


  1. Portfolios and CVs
  2. Working your way up from the shop floor
  3. Choosing your line of work
  4. Self-promotion and marketing
  5. Negotiating how much you want to earn
  6. Engaging and working well with a range of teams
  7. Visual merchandising education in the UK and abroad
  8. VM networking, shows and events
  9. Reference books and magazines
  10. Q&As
Alice  Sheriff

Alice Sheriff

MD, Black Rabbit London

Currently Managing Director of Black Rabbit, London, Alice has previously worked with prestigious names such as Diesel and Calvin Klein where she served as Senior Director of Visual Merchandising & Windows. Alice achieved a BA Hons in Textile Desgin and a BTEC Foundation in Art & Design from the University of Arts, London. She now works with clients such as The Body Shop, Christian Louboutin and Karl Lagerfeld.

Alice says, “Visual Merchandising is a unique industry where I found I could use my creativity and commercial drive to fuel a successful career – one that has given me precious opportunities to travel the world and learn from working with wonderful, passionate people.”

… and to say goodbye

Networking drinks

We will move to a local bar in a more relaxed space so we can share our experiences of the visual merchandising day and to identify common objectives and create new contacts with other professionals. Don’t forget your business cards. You will find this is the right time and the right place for networking!



Thank you for taking part of VISUAL MERCHANDISING London. We hope it helps you improve your prospects in fashion, retail and design.

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